Unsigned Hartthrob, Quis Hart speaks about True Life in his new banger.

New Jersey very own R&B heartthrob Quis Hart, makes his mark yet again with his new song True Life. His voice sends impactful vibrations up and down your blood stream. Just as the song title states True Life, Quis’s brings a harmony that will make you miss a right turn while you are driving to your next destination. He is on the verge of becoming one of the hottest male soul singers and business owners to deliver real life struggles and passionate tribute that send great vibes over steaming productions along with smooth lyrics.

“My grandmother, something like a mother, strong like a father, put nothing above ya, wishing you were here, hit with a jewel, should’ve kept my ass in school”- Quis Hart

Recently released music video, True Life displays passion outside of music. Quis’s gives food to woman who displays struggle. In conjunction with the video, the song opens with this very line, “I was blessed with a gift passed down from my father”, which speaks high volumes of power and testimony that both Quis and his Father shared before his passing. The video helps laminate the passion and emotions in every word that is delivered on this master piece of art.

Music like this, would be identified as timeless and heartfelt. It’s an honor to have a talent such as Hartthrob Music very own Quis Hart because his voice carries volumes of range and attention and will uplift those who are grieving, lost, and emotional about losing a loved one and those who are struggling with reality. This song pays homage to his loved ones that are no longer here, as well encourages others to highlight the positives of their very own loved ones who have passed on.

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