Artist Spotlight: Sonny Grands premieres "The Strong Survive"

    Seasoned veteran, music influencer and musical lyricist, Sonny Grands better known as Sosa Da Champ continues to stare his career through music such as becoming a famous bar slayer with submerging amounts of productions credits and as one of most massive lyrical beasts from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Striving for respect from the St. Louis music scene most talented lyricist and culture, Grands continues on the verge of taking back his place in the rap industry with his rageful deliver, raw content and quality production.

The Strong Survive is self-produced after four-year hiatus to learn more about his production craft and develop his go to sound “Soul Samples”. Grands did not want to have any regrets, so he creates everything himself.
Opening with a brazing song, titled “SSI”, Grands expresses this powerful line, “When I took a lost, they all lived it up, I know the strong will survive, I ain’t giving up”. This project surely presents an increasingly raving piece of work that talks about a wide spread of urban tails and reclaiming respect.
In 2016, diagnosed with MS created a different reality and having to raise his three sons to carry on his legacy. Grands laid all his passions and struggles in The Strong Survive and should receive the respects he worked so honorably for. Music like this piece art includes substances and holds a level of power that captivate our souls and minds. Fans of Jay-Z, Fabulous, Meek Mill, spice of Jadakiss and Nipsey Hustle will find a liking in content like this.
Alongside his musical craft, Sonny brings raw and unique sounds to music. An extremely talented producer with placements on fellow artists projects like Nite Owl [Easter Eggs], Kizzy [SKY Stories 1 and 2], Gritz Hoffa [Buy for a Dollar, Sell for Two and Preach: Cochise Revenge]. Experienced and invested, he has found his niche and he’s finally returning to claim his respects in his home town’s musical chambers.

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Facebook: Sam Champion
Instagram: @sonny_grands314
Twitter: @grandssonny
Snap: @nodaysofflive

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