Artist Spotlight: JFK (MIAMI) premieres "Black Bottle Boyz" on 2/15/20

 Creating a reality that many people love the finer champagnes in their lives and juggle their own form of Black Bottles and taking accountability is needed to survive and win. Been locked away and fighting back from the bottom, it ain’t nothing nice. Music like this is creates substances for those who have once upon of time chose to expensive champagnes and daily flights to survive through the ever-changing music industry. A perfectionist and determined musician JFK’s passions has created more than substances. It has opened a lane of inferior sound that only the brave can uphold. His courage to go against the grain and create a lane of his own has produced a level of power that only his talents can manifest. Think of 2 Chainz, Rich The Kid, Roddy Rich and Rick Ross 

In conjunction his musical craft, JFK’s brings witty choruses, fun lyrics, a slightly arrogant bounce and a unique sound. A great entertainer to support as he has invested his time to master his crafts and wish to work with amongst some of your top industry artists. Pre-Orders of his new single Black Bottle Boyz release 02/15/2020 are open and you are welcome to join in on his journey. 

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