Next to Blow Duo from Albany, Georgia; Da Campain who have known each other since middle school and both have a successful journey in the entertainment industry for the last ten years. Officially, they have form a union of uniqueness with their talents and hunger. Lacing their smooth verbal vibrations on their 1st single to be released at the start of the new decade on January 20, 2020.  “You”, offers a great combination of harmonies from upcoming songstress Justice Niara and Da Campain. You are going to absolutely love the vibes they have delivered.  On the verge to a record deal, J.A.G.2 and SwishaMan Slim are inspired their loved ones who are no longer in the present form and their fans.

“Baby, promise you’ll will never leave me lonely, Cause ima be your lover and your homie, All facts, no cap, no phoney, just promise you will never leave lonely. Girl, I just wanna be with you, I’m just trying be with you.”- Da Campain & Justice Niara

After rocking the A3C Music Festival based in the great area of Atlanta, Georgia, Da Campain earned many raves and reviews from the onlookers. Afterwards, they captured the attention from the top A&Rs from Universal Music Group. As the excitement rise for their debut release under their newly formed independent record label called Ruthless Killa Records. They have set the video to release in the beginning of February. With high volumes of purity and powerful content, this duo is going to bring another level of music and substance. As they make their official appearance in their new documentary. They are inviting all their fans past and present to join them as they take them behind the scenes.

Music like theirs, would be identified as reality and passion. It’s an honor to have such a talented musical duo in this century. Da Campain new single speaks high volumes of love and loyalty and will promote fun and times to appreciate your other halves. This song pays homage to love and will continue to shine light on positive tunes that you can keep on repeat while spending time your close loved ones. Da Campain are currently working on their debut album titled, “ Jaquise and Jose”, at this time the release date has not been set.

Check out Da Campain Documentary on January 27, 2020
Documentary-  Www.youtube.com/JAG2CEO

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