Next To Blow: Emjae is on fire

 Emjae drops new single on 1.28.20

Emjae is on the verge of
success and fortune in both the R&B and Hip-Hop industry with his feel-good music. Scheduled to release his new single to kick of the new decade on January 28, 2020. Not The Man offers a great selection of lyrics and harmonic production.

Not The Man is inspiring honesty to self and for love. Expressing that when the time is right, he will become the man you want him to be. Just be committed and stand by his stand, while he grows into the man he needs to be. Opening with a brazing hook that leads right in to the verse that confess his truth like,

“When the moon and the stars in the sky, are perfectly aligned, I’ll be the man that you want me to be, I’ll be the man you want me to be, and when the sky comes falling down, and all the smoke clears out, baby then you’ll see a clearer picture of me, right now I ain’t the man you want me to be.”

Website - www.emjaeonline.com

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