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Lyrical and musical revolutionist, Homiletix’s and MultiMilCUZiMULTiTASK’S lyrical flows demands attention. Determined and transparent these two successful hip hop talents are here to change the game after joining forces in 2018. Staying true to the game, they want to correct the mislead black culture.

Warfare offers a full seven track project with soft harmonized rendition of female voice laced over a smooth classical production. Introducing a new movement of conscious flows and storytelling with punchlines and strong adlibs. East coast inspired but mixed with versatility and Caribbean culture. Lord Jamar joined forces with Trav and Mil to debut a movement called Neighborhood Watch movement in the state of New York’s surrounding areas.

With multiple successful musical releases, The Neighborhood Watch movement future is stirring forward in full speed.


"Neighborhood Watch" 2019


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