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E-EYE’S- Until The Day We Die



A retroactive musical creator with an informative delivery and dose of fashion creative, E-EYE’S is a full package of creativity with a splash of acting. His delivery is very bouncy and energized. He has strong abilities to motivate an audience to be proactive with lyrics. A mega pop star filled with powerful energy, you will surely embrace his developing sound. Representing a different and positive sound of Houston, he is ready to take over the world with his explosive eagerness to be a mega pop star. 

“Until The Day We Die” is a bouncy, head bouncing with a developing futuristic sound. This song presents a combination of chants and instrumentation. His lyrics lay over the beat swiftly, you will feel each and every word laid over this production as he chants empowering poses to everyone. Let’s chant his words, “We on our destiny, We on our journey”. Considered a shooting star, he has a bright future ahead of him with his upcoming project release titled, “ Masterpiece”. 

As this song presents a blast of positive vibes from E-EYE’S creative haven, you will find him to be very positive and welcoming to all audiences which welcome his style and delivery. Join E-EYE’S  world today by streaming “MasterPiece” here!

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