Alternative rapper Fiaro Balkin drops new single "Do You Believe in Love?" today




A dedicated musical creator with a triple mixture of the west coast flow, harmonies that send melodic vibes. Very addictive and sounded with a unique realm of creativity.  Empowered with the belief that love exists, Fiaro Balkin’s tone is undeniably impressive and will create an urge of eagerness to display love after hearing his lyrics and intoxicating hook. 

“DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE?” is an alternative replica of the world’s top commercial songs. Infused with a powerful hook that compliments the lyrics which provides a reality about the word love that we all can strongly relate too. A fascinating production that opens with a loud kick that grabs your attention. This song also has catchy one liners that constantly will replay in your mind for hours to come. The journey of this song is determined by the support of skateboarders and backpackers who love to bounce their heads and experience an electronic blend that has a top 40 classic makeover. Fiaro’s future is extremely bright with his newly released single, “Do You Believe in Love?”. 

As this song presents a strong strike of lovely chants and harmonizing lyrics from Fiaro Balkin’s surprising musical haven, you can find him to empower the belief of love and magnetizing to all audiences which will welcome his ethnocentric sound and one of a kind penmanship. Join FIARO BALKIN’S  world today by streaming “DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE?” here!

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