GetPreciousOnEm- NeilGrandeur- Bash It [Song Review] [Florida]




A connoisseur of musical excellence blended with a dose of southern florida vibes and laced with the sound of today’s top charting artists. Very intoxicating and melodic that will leave you trapped in a head spinning realm of lyrics. NeilGrandeur’s tone is undeniably impressive and bolted with a strong form of high power energy that pumps your heartbeat instantly after listening to his lyrics. 

 “BASH IT” is a similar sounding replica of the world’s top commercial songs. Infused with familiar lyrical content that is most common in today’s music era. A complement to music, this song has a consistent flow of words that unlikely capture you at first but once you replay this song you will find the flow to be catchy and relevant to your listening taste. The production for this song is very fascinating and definitely grabs your attention throughout the entire song. His creative delivery highlights some very catchy one liners that will replay in your mind for a few. This song is definitely determined to be supported by indie music lovers worldwide that love to listen to flows and bounce their heads non-stop. NeilGrandeur’s future is extremely bright with his newly released single, “Bash It”. 

As this song presents a strong fuse of catch phrases and bouncy lyrics from NeilGrandeur’s surprising musical treasure box, you can find him creating happy moments and magnetizing to all audiences which will welcome his commercially trappy sound and one of a kind penmanship. Join NEILGRANDUER’S  world today by streaming “BASH IT?” here!

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