GetPreciousonem- Clayton Is Okay (@claytonisokay) - Overlooked Stories [Album] [New York City]


An upcoming artist with a background in acting has released his debut project. Blasting with soothing lyrics that helps you to relax upon the first time you press play. A storyteller from New York City, Clayton Is Okay musical cleverness delivers an alternative sound similar to Mac Miller. Overlaid with empowered lyrics that has a strong grip emotionally. Built with an unpredictable delivery that only experienced artists display but carries a spot in his own genre. Using his talents and experiences to cope with his father who has suffered for nearly ten year due to being misdiagnosed twice. His debut release has a purpose to spread awareness for the Lyme Disease Association. 

“Overlooked Stories” is a burst of 11 alternative hip hop sounds powered with soft beats with poetic powerful lyricism. Determined to leave his listeners wrapped in the stories that his lyrics present. Each track brings a different version of his artistry especially Planet Prison. This project creates an imagery of peace and the backlogs of the realm he sees. Each track will entrap your imagination and build a musical thrill. This project is very organized and strategized for a debut release. Great sound quality and production, Overlooked Stories is a creative masterpiece that can heal your mind from any realm of reality. From the song titles to the order of the tracklist, this album displays depth and pose. 

As this project displays a sound of poetic lyricism created by Clayton Is Okay’s haven of reality and storytelling. Overlooked Stories will magnetize and trap your ears from start to finish. As this project comes with a great purpose, please purchase this project, all proceeds will be donated to the Lyme Disease Association. Join Clayton Is Okay’s journey  today by purchasing and streaming, “Overlooked Stories” here


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